Wild Emoticon Swings

Smart Mobs tells of some new software used to track collective mood swings on Livejournal.

For those readers out there who aren’t already familiar with LJ, it’s sort of like myspace’s older (and more literate) sister. It generates about 250,000 new posts every day. Of these, about 150,000 posts include a label for one of hundreds of different moods. According to New Scientist, the software (called Moodviews) tracks mood tagging habits and graphs them, recording emotional shifts across all LiveJournal blogs over time.

Put this information together with the recent stats on the blogosphere reported a few days ago at Technorati (scroll down and look at the third graph on posting volume as against major events last year), and you’ve got fodder for some powerful analysis of collective anxieties, happiness, and feeling just plain “weird” as our moods dictate.

At least for Anglophones. Who have computers.

And surprise surprise. The emoticon for “drunk” is most popular on weekends.

Putting all pedantics aside, at least “drunk” is a “mood” that means pretty much the same thing to just about everyone.

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