Wikiwhelmia 2006

I’ve been intellectually wikiwhelmed this weekend at Wikimania, the annual conference for Wikipedia and related Wikimedia projects. I have pages and pages of notes and commentary, a number of new contacts (possibly new friends too), a whack of cameraphone pics on my Flickr page, and little bits of cameraphone video taken in and around Boston and Cambridge. All of this data is going to take some managing and sorting before I can post about it one chunk at a time, in orderly fashion, but I will be doing so over the next week. Interpretation takes time, effort.

For now, I will clarify comments I’ve made in some places, where I’ve described the wikimedia phenomenon as having some of the features of a cult. I realize that this might be viewed by some as a negative reaction to the conference. Not at all. In fact, my caricature of Wikipedians (of which I am one) and Lawrence Lessig as cultish is a depiction that is in true keeping with the read-write ethos of Wikimedia, and such parodies spring organically from Lessig’s view. Caricature broadens our understanding of things; it’s a contribution.

Of course, the real humour in all of this for me is my self-caricature as the late Hunter S. Thompson in my last post. What a joke. I’m simply not that fun. Nor that destructive.

Anyway, analysis and draft proposals to come. It will be refreshing to inhabit my own familiar, old school, authorship-centered domain of reading and writing and music and stuff, away from the perilous and exhilirating precipice of ideas and knowledge liberated from institutions and individuals.

Long live the new flesh.

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