Wikipedia on your Mobile Phone

A Cologne-based company called Sevenval has developed an application that converts webpages into WAP pages, stripping the original HTML code to its leanest, mainly function-oriented essentials. One of their pilot projects is Wikipedia, which they enabled for the mobile as a getsure of goodwill. According to Sevenval’s website, the mobile Wikipedia is accessible in all currently available languages, and it auto-detects language settings on mobile phones that browse to the URL.

I would love to see this ported to the Wikitravel project as well. I’m travelling in Greece next month, and while I wouldn’t expect to be updating any wikitravel pages T9-style, you can bet I’d read them on my mobile if they were available!

3 thoughts on “Wikipedia on your Mobile Phone”

  1. I really want to get mobile working for Wikitravel. The problem is that different mobile devices (phones, PDAs) have such varying support for Web standards. We just can’t develop for 100 different mobile platforms.

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