Vancouver city-wide wi-fi

Just as I was checking my links in my last post I noticed that BoingBoing has taken an interest in the provincial attitudes about wifi (Globe & Mail, subscription required) among Vancouver’s city police.

Here are a few links for more information related to the implementation of municipal wi-fi as a public-private partnership in Vancouver:

Vancouver City Council’s Administrative Report (PDF file) on the Options for Deployment of a Municipal Wireless Network.

Some context and commentary on other public-private partnerships taking place in the Vancouver area (mainly to do with transportation planning in the run-up to the 2010 winter Olympics).

A recent story in CIO summarizing a number of municipal wi-fi projects around North America, with some brief advice toward the end about how to make such enterprises succeed.

I am by no means an expert on the complexities of implementing municipal wi-fi, but I am generally wary of public-private partnerships, knowing a few things about cost overruns, and conflicts of interest (as has been observed with PPPs in other contexts, and other cities). To boot, free community wi-fi seems so uncomplicated to set up grassroots-style. It’s been done elsewhere (just one example among many). Why not here?

As regards the claims about terrorist attacks (Canwest Global monopolist media, subscription and lobotomy required), I doubt there’s much point in even gracing such nonsense with a repsonse.

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