Sketching Up In Yr Hood, GPS Style

I made a video. Using Nokia Sportstracker Beta on the N82, I logged my jog yesterday morning, and then uploaded this data to the NSB site (which I’ve been doing routinely for a while). I opened the KML file of this jog in Google Earth, and so now I’ve associated my experience of moving around in the world with a 3D representation of my surroundings, also modelable (via Sketchup).

The last time I blogged about Google Earth and/or relatedz, I was more boggled and bewildered [and importantly, hands-not-dirty] than anything else. Since I’ve been using a GPS phone (a Nokia N82), I’ve become curious about what can be done using location data, and then one thing led to another – and back into Google Earth I am again. Now I’ve dirtied my hands for all to see.

We should now try to envision how Google Earth/Sketchup, GPS and a good quality cameraphone might offer broadened horizons for artists who seek to represent the world around them. It helps that I’ve been chatting a bit with some academic folks about visualization and mapping, and the potentialities offered by current technologies that touch this area.

This of course isn’t art. Not yet. I’m just breaking open the rocks to find the ochre. Can someone who has the time and urgency to craft an aesthetic mission please bring these tools together and do something amazing?

Oh, and for the urban visualization crew: See what’s been done with Manhattan!

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