U.S. Justice Department values ISPs over people

Ah, I see the baldfaced ignorance of an administration that invades Afghanistan and Iraq has trickled into the sphere of Internet regulation as well (Thanks to Flo for pointing me here).. To wit:

“Regulators should be careful not to impose regulations that could limit consumer choice and investment in broadband facilities” (Thomas Barnett, US Justice Department).

I’m imagining the frightful amount of cognitive dissonance it requires to make such a statement without laughing. The real problem is, of course, with ISPs imposing regulations that limit choice and investment in the information economy. This is not to say that investment and choice are the terms on which I would defend Net Neutrality per se, but you get the idea; anyone who wishes to defend it on these terms could do so very easily. This is classic U.S. conservatism – contradicting both intelligence and public opinion in the interest of affirming an industry’s right to remain concentrated in as few hands as possible.

I fear we might be next for the chop.

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