Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

  • completely puzzled why ppl are lining up for the H1N1 vaccine: #
  • still no internet/email at home. Twitter or SMS will be answered more promptly #
  • woke startled from a dream wherein cops fine me $900 for a car I abandoned 10 yrs ago, & aliens abduct me for shooting video w/a mobile #
  • RIP Claude Levi-Strauss, at 100: #
  • finally the self-employed can pay into and collect EI (longstanding no-brainer, life-ruiner comes to an end)- #
  • leveraging insomnia and a perilously close deadline – settin em up and knockin em down in the wee hours #
  • why ACTA is bad for copyright (and hence communications media) in Canada: #
  • Got isa saying "borked" all the time now. #geekintraining #
  • blustery week of nonstop piles of things tado. final pin to knock down starts in 35 min: sleep, old friend, I'm on my way #
  • …and the ship (what ship? my ship! my pirate ship!) sails into calmer waters… #

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