Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

  • Simondon shuts out Dewey, w/assists by Feenberg, Stiegler. Series still too close to call. #fuckhockeysticksexceptasregardsclimatechange 😉 #
  • I'm co-mediating this workshop on Digital Media Literacy and Creative Commons in YVR on Nov. 5th: #
  • #SciAm has gone into the toilet this past year. tar sands apologists & oil tycoons writing articles, auto-CEO roundtables! #scienceFAIL #
  • evaluating other ppl's writing in standardized ways sucks almost as much soul as fry-flippin. difference? i guess I haven't poisoned anyone #
  • Copyrights And Wrongs: wiki page (with slides+vids+baubles) for our CC workshop on Thurs Nov 5 – @KateMilberry @spoyntz #
  • first we take BCSLSB, then we take NSLSC! aw, what no prepayment penalties? RBC don't get no predatory interest-slavery? go away, scumbags #
  • Telus sucks. Internet has been out 24 hours+ with no fix or explanation. worst service EVER. #
  • anyone recommend a good ISP (besides Shaw or Telus) in YVR that can get me up and running today? #
  • Telus locked me out of my account. I cannot cancel anything (online/phone), service is still out, and they refuse to answer my questions! #
  • I think Telus is breaking the law by refusing me customer service. Certainly breaking their own TOS, but the law too #
  • I guess Shaw it is. It's really a troubling state of affairs where one requires a lawyer to cancel an ISP/phone account #

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