Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

  • apartment listed, refinancing process underway, renovating, cleaning, crossing fingers on all 8 of the tentacles I have reluctantly grown #
  • The Onion is very truthful, unfunny news with stories written this way: #
  • if anyone has any temp work available I need some very much! i also have some cool pro audio gear for sale… #
  • why does no one w/a mortgage ever tell the mortgageless how drab & strategic life becomes once one gets in the property game? fuckers. #
  • cult of finance advisors has now indoctrinated me: pay off studloans w/equity & up the mortg. at var rate during historic low=$ probs solved #
  • RT @datalaundry: CRTC requires ISPs to be more transparent about traffic mgmt #
  • BIG congrats to April, Hendrik, and Peter et al for becoming the poster kids for mobile social media in YVR! – #
  • so it's a refinancing & not a property sale. short term sanity improves. #
  • need about 20 more hrs per week to get everything done. thinking sleep is for the chop #
  • say no to takedowns, say yes to Yes Men! RT @Joi: EFF defends Yes Men parody of US Chamber of Commerce #

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