Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

  • RT @asterix: Mobile Myths and Reality. follow this de-hyping series on mobiles and socio-economics: #
  • ArsTechnica on the arrest of G20 protwester; sheepishly (and wrongly) suggests Neoluddism for activists: . discuss? #
  • 1st day back at 'em after 3-day flu. conquered gym and Don Ihde in one sunny coup de main. remembering again why i do this. profoundly 🙂 #
  • OK now that the Google Wave invite shit has died down, how's fuckin' Google Wave? change yr (miserable) life? serious. let me know #
  • can't wait to see how Telus/Bell fuck up the iPhone. #wifirules #3Gsucks #hello?SIMcard? #
  • Pirate Party of Canada (now legit!) Vancouver meetup is on Oct 19, VAG (south side), 7 PM: #
  • watching students frantically make paper chains #
  • HAHAHAH! RT @dubber: I drove Bono around Auckland in a van once. I had every opportunity to take it off a cliff. I've failed us all. #
  • Ont govt spends a billion on proprietary ehealth [scandal] s/w while cheap open source alternative is quietly adopted: #
  • butchering flightless birds for food. yeah, i'm impressed. i'm thankful i'm not a turkey #

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