Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

  • c'mon CRTC, make like the FCC: – did I just say Canada should follow the US lead on something? #bizarroworld #
  • speaking of CULTS, Frosh week just gave way to CULT WEEK at SFU. oh the fun doesn't stop. #
  • pushed out Comp Def Essay #2 (theorizing participatory culture). Well, the 1st (and hardest) draft, anyway. 1100 wds was never so hard. #
  • getting up-to-the-minute blasts from the Web 2.0 past now that I've patched in the band's myspace account on Tweetdeck #
  • ok so the FCC is doing cool things, Wikipedia's founder opposes net neutrality, AND I agree with Bill Vander Zalm on something? #
  • …next thing you know Lenny Kravitz will release something listenable…#bizarroworld #
  • RT @isohunt: Pirate Party of Canada needs 150 more signatures to register as a federal party. #
  • getting lots of obvious spam from y'all over the twitnets. curious if my account has also sent some to you (DMs or regular updates)? #
  • actually got through every single slide as planned in CMNS253 today. #nofannyingabout #
  • each morning on the train (tabloids all over the floor etc) Is laughs & mockingly says "newspapers". I too laugh at them: #

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