Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

  • RT @obinine: iPhone is a net loser for wireless telcos – #
  • whoah – stopped some nasty anti-Obama SPAM by merely emailing the company hosting the domain. is it really this easy to stop SPAM? #
  • CMNS 253 updated for Fall: Augmented Reality through teh ages, from Napoleonic Semaphore to Nokia Vine #
  • oh and "Number 9…Number 9…Number 9…" &c… #
  • hit-and-miss-and-hit with the 80s Waves muzak. first Loverboy, then Phil Collins, then Hall & Oates. beats commercial radio #
  • whoah – Waves muzak just got 10,000X better – The Church "Unguarded Moment" #
  • is in daycare, now to surrey for 1st day of 253 (@ sfu burnaby in burnaby) #
  • should check me in automatically when i define a new place #
  • I just became the mayor of SFU Surrey on @foursquare! #
  • RT @remhq: Moveon and R.E.M. video collaboration posted: #publicoption #
  • finishing up & picking up teh dottir (@ sfu burnaby in burnaby) #
  • solved the hissy audio on SFU class projectors (pwr supply interference – must unplug Macbook Pro during vids). wish I'd known 4 mos ago! #
  • all hail "radical socialist plots". I am "green on the outside but Communist red to the core": . and the problem being? #
  • OH at new Tim Hortons (at SFU) 100+ lineup during Welcome Week: "I can't believe anyone would wait that long for a fuckin' donut" #
  • *reminds himself to be scarce during frosh week*. a university is no place for focused study at such a debaucherous time… #
  • …*clutches daughter, flees in terror down the hill* #
  • E-Democracy Win: Britain Apologizes to Alan Turing: #

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