Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-06

  • drums sound awesome! will be a 5 song EP (at minimum) #
  • banks, property managers, wireless companies=thieves. how boring. why can't they be pirates instead? ahaar. #
  • lining up ducks, slicin up eyeballs, moo-ha-ha-ha #
  • updating the course wiki. this time it's personal. hah. #
  • got any good links that teach how to write an email? (as man-who-fell-to-earth as that sounds)… 😉 #
  • what a crap week this has been! hard work, evasive clients, job-app-rejection, overdraft spiraling. #
  • what should we call those @ tweets we get unintentionally? @kk and @smith know what I mean. @twitsam? #oopsididitagain #

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