Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

  • are there small venues/bars left in Vancouver that DON'T charge a fee for bands to play (bands should never have to pay bar staff IMHO)? #
  • OK – actually ADDING stuff to now. officially 12 till i die. #
  • I really should start remembering to stop using – #contren├ępotisme #
  • Stanford study: multitaskers suck at multitasking – #
  • I upgraded to #HootSuite 2.0 because I am a slave to my clicks #
  • 1st Stallman gaffes on women in tech; now he flubs on Spanish Wikipedia as censoring the left: ? this is getting tacky. #
  • RT @zedlander: Canadians, you should be watching this Copyright Town Hall #copycon: – town hall stacked with music biz #
  • Critical Mass tonight. Let's play safe, stay cool, and make an impact! #
  • structure of copyleft essay for #vancouvernewmusic: Intro/Copyright>Copyleft/Recombinant Forms/Artists&Poverty/Futures. suggestions? #
  • OK Zotero (free Firefox citation mgr plugin for you out-of-schoolers) totally rocks my world #
  • RT @obinine: 90% of cyclist deaths caused by motorists – #
  • #criticalmassvancouver looks a bit thin #
  • had a swell time at #criticalmassvancouver. cops were helping us cork. #
  • I see the AFM is not with it, nor with us: #
  • Video from Critical Mass Vancouver: #
  • an era of irreflexive musical parrotry yelped by a couple of idiot dweebs draws to a yawning close: #
  • ah Kiiiiiii. such joyous racketry: #
  • off to the studio to record the next EP #

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