Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23

  • putting out a feeler – looking for a good tech startup in Portugal to go 50/50 on a small (but simple) web biz idea #
  • taking the Canadaline TOMORROW w/Isabel. the little train fanatic can't wait. #
  • Isabel just said "this train goes to the report" #canadaline #
  • wow. The Canadaline has transformed living in Vancouver overnight. #
  • how do they cancel out the noise of airplanes on the #canadaline trains? it was silent as a plane flew ~50 m overhead today #
  • RIP Workspace – RT @rtanglao: AudioBoo: #workspace shutting down 🙁 ! Thanks for the awesome coffee! #
  • bully me with your car or bus & I will photograph you & post it on the Internets. ;-P #
  • and in the spirit of my last tweet, I give you… the Jerk Store, a growing collection: #
  • the Australian answer to Fad Gadget? #
  • Dissolve the CRTC petition – #
  • sometimes I wish I could tweet things that must be kept confidential … or CONTINENTAL (that's for you Marina 😉 ) #
  • ALL CAPS + using Twitter as a broadcast medium = UNFOLLOWED #

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