Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

  • tofu (subbed due to seitan shortage) picatta w/olives n yellow beans + quinoa mango salad = yum. #veganomicon #
  • it's SRSLY embarrassing to have M.Harper represent Canada in meetings w/Obama #dumdum #
  • what we really need is Obama to guest host a reunion of either Soundproof or Great White North. that'd be bitchen. #
  • as if their lard-filled, colon-clogging products weren't sufficiently vile: Tim Hortons Sponsors Anti-Gay Event #
  • that was FAST! – RT @remarkk: Tim Hortons pulls support of anti-gay event: #timhortonswin #
  • Isabel's fav ASIHE song, esp the "Had to know" bit: #
  • we're dense w/Tweeps in YVR: RT @digitalkvan: Take a look at Twitters' Growth by % of users and see their locations: #
  • all the time I used to spend listening to new music has been replaced by housework. Any tips from veteran dads? #
  • RT @obinine: Stop the Canadian DMCA, website lets you send letter to Ottawa on copyright – #opened09 #
  • what makes a drastic income reduction survivable? childcare subsidies, medicare, cheap postsecondary edu, EI #blamecanada #
  • Brilliant! FB RT: Eric Gordon… #
  • NATO jets are flying overhead in Vancouver. I first saw them on Tuesday morning. Scary. #vancouver2010 #
  • how to stop the startling rise of fascist goon squads in the US: #
  • usual study space at SFU Burnaby in WMC) has been occupied by a bunch of farting, foul-mouthed dickheads #
  • Makers … DIY tech all over again ( )- like Freebase they could've chose a better name #
  • cos no one wants to freebase w/ppl who are on the make #
  • oops I forgot mashers as well. #
  • RT @halavais: …make your own URL shortener: … don't let a fold kill your link history #
  • District 9: best sci-action I've seen in years. Sharlto Copley is a wonderful actor IMHO #

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