Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-09

  • according to a cashier at Donalds I look like the guy that did the voice of Nermal in Garfield. thanks, I guess… #
  • …would've preferred Peter Murphy or Ian McCulloch. heck I'll even take Rowan Atkinson. but I guess in the end I'll take what I can get 😉 #
  • anyone in Vancouver have a copy of Wendy Strachan's Writing-Intensive I can borrow this weekend? #
  • RT FB Jim Udall some people R like Slinkies. They're not useful but they could still bring a smile 2 my face if I pushed em down the stairs #
  • fee-for-carriage? oughtn't we recompense conventional broadcasters as we do 'specialty' channels?…
  • … or maybe we should just DELETE teh Broadcasting Act #
  • why be on facebook when you "only share certain information with everyone" (which means nothing but a name or picture)? #postsharkjump #
  • tinkering with APIs, friends. I promise not to #DELETE too much of the internet, just teh important bits. #

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