This is your funky cup of tea

Heh. In a flourish of dog day afternoon catchup (smack between finishing up grading for one semester and course planning for the next one), and with the help of the 3 year old girl, I have here the long-delayed fourth installment of my audio archiving project. Today the world hears for the first time ever the most brilliant sketches to ever go absolutely nowhere, the work of one Yummibrayn.

It was four, then five people, Yummibrayn. We did appear on CFRO for an interview at some point, but never had any gigs. Yummibrayn’s provenance was somewhere between the initial List of Mrs. Arson forays and Pc.s, but in retrospect is far more sophisticated than both of those enterprises combined. It’s a pity that LOMA and Pc.s both had gigs and Yummibrayn did not. At any rate, keep on crunchin’ on that crunchy dolphin snack nose (you had to be there), as the later instantiations of LOMA revived much of Yummibrayn in spirit, to my mind.

Enclosed for your listening displeasure, credit mainly due to my brilliantly patient and critical daughter (despite tha fact that she had 100% of the tape inside this very cassette unspooled all over the living room laminate at one point – I had to fold the laundry at some point, no? – are two select tracks from the Yummibrayn nonalog.

First up, a spirited number entitled “Funky Junk“, which, according to my meticulous 16 year old liner notes was conceived, composed, recorded and never revisited on/since October 30, 1988. It is an unbelievable and dire mess of a hooky tune. What’s even better is that it was recorded over a mixtape, straddling the Clash’s “Rudy Can’t Fail” and the Beatles’ “Twist and Shout”. Make of that what you like…

Second, a Yummibrayn track entitled “Thought For The Day“, a much more planned affair, with amazingly mature lyrics like “lo/hi/dot/or die” and instrumental interplay (mainly the guitar and synth) that very nicely blends Tones on Tail and Wire. But it’s recorded so badly, you likely didn’t notice.

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