The Personal is Micropolitical

Wow. I’ve just finished moving all of my sites (including Clicknoise) to a new host, I’ve upgraded WordPress, and judging by the results these were the correct things to do. The latest version of WordPress is slick in Safari. Finally I’m no longer relegated to hand-coding my HTML in my posts. All the little buttons work. And I’m a die-hard Safari user (it handles RSS so simply and elegantly, I find – apart from that weird bug that makes articles the user has already read appear as unread).

But most of all, I’m doing most of my blog administration from within WordPress now. There were so many issues with permalinks, .htaccess files, and write privileges on my former host (who was using an older version of Apache) that the deck was stacked against me. Not to mention the data loss incidents.

At any rate, add to this the new Macbook Pro at which I’ve been delightfully clacking away for a coupla weeks now, and I’m happier than a pig in shit. The album recording process has been streamlined and enhanced, form factor has improved in the household (2 laptops are better than one), and iCal on an Intel machine really keeps the trains running on time (or at least, keeps your alerts visible on the screen – so many little bugs with iCal on the PowerPC machines).

And empirical research is efficient and effective using contemporary VOIP and audio software. I’m taking my first jab at using CastingWords to handle all of my transcription needs this week. More efficiency. More instrumentalia.

Hopefully these enhancements to workflow in all sectors of my life won’t get the better of me.

Anyway, </personal technophilisms>

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