The Future of Music

I’m leaving for Montréal today to join the conversation at the Future of Music Policy Summit, which runs from Thursday through Sunday at McGill. Quite an exciting group of people to listen to – everyone from Ryan Schreiber to Patti Schmidt (for non-Canadians, she’s the host of CBC-2’s long running Brave New Waves, roughly our answer to the John Peel Show), to even David Byrne, of all people</hesmyheroalert>, as well as assorted CanCon policy wonks, a few academics, and Industry and RIAA-types. In the light of all this monolithicity, perhaps rather than joining the conversation I will end up doing lots of listening in. This social ordering is inscribed somewhat in the proceedings, too: Travelodge-and-hostel-class student/indie musician attendees don’t get into the big cocktail parties (perhaps this is defensibly so, as we get in to everything else gratis), so maybe we’ll have to have cocktail parties of our own, and let the bigwigs do whatever it is they do at theirs.

Not that I’m complaining.

So lots of posts to come. I’ve left this blog fallow again for a while, but geez, what’s a guy to do when he’s missed the first two weeks of his PhD, and a couple of new research appointments? So many missed cocktail parties to make up for. Like, right. Here’s where I start to refuse to view my workload as a big block anymore and instead start visualizing it as a whirlwind.

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