The Future of Music Bullies, Hard & Soft

Day 2 of the Summit. Something very apropos occurred. A panel about tastemaking made taste. Here’s how: Patti Schmidt opened the panel with a viral youtube vid. The short video takes a satirical look at indie music marketing, centering around a fictional character named Clell Tickle and his bullying approach to promoting bands. In the vid, the bellicose Tickle pushes Tapes & Tapes (one of the buzzier bands at Pop Montréal this weekend) on everyone. He roughs up Pitchfork reviewers, indie label A&R staff, and even audiences (at one point he threatens fans with murdering the weakest member of their family if they don’t buy the band’s latest album). Notably, one of Tickle’s victims calls Tapes & Tapes “derivative of the Pixies”.

Then what happened? Well, what would you expect to happen, with a who’s who in tastemaking on a stage, armed with microphones and oozing indie cultural capital, showing a hilarious vid that stars not only Tapes & Tapes, but Ted Leo and other personae from the indie rock royale set?

At the cocktail party later on, queries about what show to attend that night were for the most part answered with the response, “why, Tapes & Tapes, of course”. Unsurprising. But when asked, “oh so what are they like?”, I was amused to hear the response “oh, they’re kinda like the Pixies”.

I’m pretty impressed if someone organizing the tastemaking panel intended that result. Pure brilliance.

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