obligatory interim half-post from my tar sand mind

in half-assed fashion I am blipping the past month of activity in short sentences, sans links, even. much time in books, but not as much as I need. Loving Foucault’s The Order of Things as much as Becker’s Art Worlds, but the comps are being subdivided due to massive contraction of expected time. moving on. had two colds in two weeks (just getting over #2, hopefully can read again tomorrow), and during the last (at the deepest trough of it, as it happens) had to manage Isabel’s first night away from her mum due to obligatory overnight work retreat she had. also, exhilarating trip TAing classes at both Surrey and Burnaby – totally distinct demographics and the experience is really giving me an polyphonic earful of noise and eurekas! too much old time radio whispering in the background of my sleep, but can’t resist the intermittent haha that wakes me. dire feelings, in equal measure, about the status of my personal media archiving project and the global ecomony. when will either pick up again? Mobile Muse going on hiatus at the end of March and so engrossed in a whirlwind schedule of VJing and workshops and report filing. And the media-citizenship stuff is invigorating too. the summer should spare some breathing space to get those comps done (one in May now, the other in August), but for now, nose still down, twits-only. i’ll permit one weekend of no fucking email or phone or twitter thankyouverymuch (last weekend’s many coincident excursions nearly turned me off all people altogether – not getting into it, instead recovering from it and learning from the experience). pardon my crawlunderarockanddie posture for the next 3 days. i don’t mean anything by it.