Convergence 2009, as it happens

9:32 AM: David Plouffe about to start…

9:38 AM – introductions, Sauder school of business. iPhoto/Flickr not working well…

9:40 – Plouffe on stage, obligatory Sarah Palin joke

9:42 – not just a winning campaign but a credible grassroots campaign – “social media embedded in our DNA” from the start

9:45 – challenges going against Clinton. have a strategy. adjust strategy, not tactics.

9:48 – not that it was online fundraising, which everyone does, but the composition of the campaign. who the people were, the quality of the people…

9:51 – eventually the Obama campaign force the McCains to play on their turf.

9:55 – diversity. Iowa was essential in the race.

9:56 – “demographics is destiny”

9:57 – this room is terrible for taking pictures. massive backlighting from fog soaked Burrard Inlet

9:59 – strove to make the demographics younger, more multiracial. recruited voters with no voting history. simple radio ads, online ads, texting – here’s where you vote. here’s where you caucus.

10:00 – lookout tool, tracking new voters.

10:02 – looked at eary voter demographics to analyze them, focus grouped them = market intelligence on younger, newer voters.

10:03 – iPhone app, other technologies – used to register voters. volunteers did it for free.

10:05 – “palling around with terrorists” – voters don’t take this stuff at face value.

10:07 – Macbook Pro battery going to die soon. I cna’t believe it’s down to 40 minutes of wifi/Firefox use! back to the shop! sorry if I drop out…

10:10 – direct news to supporters via video etc. “wanted them to hear from us first”.

11:43 – spent some time helping the Fearless/W2 crew at the VJ table outside 211. Will miss panels until our soundcheck @12:30.

13:38 – more of same. good lunch. I will be in a panel at 2:05 PM. Should be live streamed.

14:00: my panel came and went. went well. mobile polling glitched out.

15:15-16:00: discover via Jim Udall that not just mobile polling but also the whole service point seems to be not receiving SMS, despite streams working just fine. My laptop becomes the videostream layer in the VJ mix for a time…testing of the service point continues: Fido, Rogers, Bell phones all fail to send SMS…

16:00: conclude after numerous tests and Jim’s scripts that it’s Fido’s fault that the SMS are not going through. somehow Jim pushed the polling responses through – so at least the data is now available for later crunching…

16:15: gotta go – family responsibilities call…