You Should Do What Your Daddy Says

Bucket of Slugs - Carnival (1987)Bucket of Slugs – Different Flavours of Birthday Cake [Sept 1987, 3min 0sec]

OK, the archive project has officially begun, with a warble. Apologies at the outset for the pisspoor quality of this one (the others are in much better shape). I’ve tried every DIY method I know, and I cannot fix this cassette. If there’s a local cassette expert who knows how to repack an old reel so that it plays back at a constant speed, please contact me ASAP to help me save this one. (I’ve also looked for digital plugins that might correct the variable speed algorithmically, to no avail). In the end I decided to post it anyway, not being one to enjoy being held up by such irritants. It’s not the oldest, nor the best, nor funniest nor most offensive recording in the collection. But I guarantee that this is the tape that is in the worst condition out of the bunch.

The artist is Bucket of Slugs, and the song is called “Different Flavours of Birthday Cake”, from the 1987 EP cassette entitled Carnival. As indicated by the warbliness, the tape has barely survived the nearly 21 years since its recording. It was, like most of these early tapes, live to two-track cassette, and in this case, no overdubs.

The song is about making a mess in a supermarket, specifically in its baked goods section. The chorus enumerates various flavours of cakes that are available for the speaker to toss about. There’s a disturbing yet rather funny bridge near the end (starting at about 2:10) from which this post receives its title – “you should do what your daddy says/your daddy tell you to go to the store/you go to the store”.

The EP includes eight songs as follows:

    Side One

  1. ICBM (1987)
  2. Different Flavours of Birthday Cake
  3. Carnival
  4. I Shot The Sherrif [sic; a cover of the Bob Marley song]
  5. Side Two

  6. Riot in Cell No. 9 [a cover of the Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller song “Riot in Cell Block No. 9”]
  7. Let Me Be
  8. We Have Been Here A Long Time
  9. I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow

One last note. As pictured below, this was taped onto a commercially bought cassette by putting electrician’s tape over the security tabs. In this case I taped over an album by Frank Zappa that I found particularly disappointing: Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Prevention (1985).

The Zappa beneath the Bucket of Slugs

Watch for another update on this project before this weekend.