What 2009 Wireless Market Forecasts Lead Me To Think

OK, so I’m reading this thing in RCR, trying to suss out whether I should stay on a career path in the mobile/wireless industry, and, reading past the sway from optimism to skepticism about its future, I come to this sentence: “There is only one Internet and its users do not accept boundaries imposed by devices or networks.”

I wonder how much these industry reports cost. This insight is not terribly difficult to surmise. Or maybe I should hit Berg up for a job? Or Jupiter? Pew? I’m well-versed in SPSS, too, people! 😉

But I’m becoming less certain whether I’m giving too much away for free here, or if other folks are making money by lifting what’s being made freely available. Not just me, but all over blogs and twits. In a time of economic uncertainty, is it prudent that we marginal bloggers who work hard as amateur analysts tighten our lips until the chequebook makes its appearance?

I also wonder if any of this is related to the spike in plagiarism in university studies of late? Maybe the blogosphere is now training folks to indulge in and tolerate taking credit for other people’s work? Maybe we’re graduating more students who think nothing of buying fake degrees, buying off profs for better grades (I know of one instance where this was proffered but refused), or simply buying papers to pass their classes (I see this every semester I teach)? In an era of such blatant disregard for academic honesty, what’s a little copy/paste in one term paper, anyway? I mean, tenured profs famously get away with it, not to mention Prime Ministers. With a major “credit crunch” lie being perpetrated, bilking American taxpayers out of (potentially) trillions, it would seem that lying is the way of the world.

Given this environment of all-around deceit, who am I to call it? Just some cranky PhD student trying to figure out how to pay down a student loan while raising a child…

OK. Forget Berg, and forget Pew. Now I’m seriously thinking of ditching this blog to become a children’s entertainer…The Wiggles are amazingly financially solvent, make children all around the world happy, and represent very positive male role models – they sing, dance, wear bright colours, and make friends with all sorts of animals that also sing. A dream job, if you ask me!