Sweet Thunderous Memorex

Now this is what I like to see. Sweet Thunder Tape Findings is a brilliant treasure trove of found home recordings. The blog has been live for just over a year, and contains recordings ranging from advertisements for a very low-fi ‘baby new year rental company’, a home recorded soap opera staged by 9 year olds (complete with a casio soundtrack and Milli Vanilli interludes), and the rich contrast of “Side A: Tod’s Music Lesson; Side B: Tod making fart sounds” (go to Week 7 to hear it for yourself). Who knew that with all those blank, ambiguously labeled cassettes we discarded in the 80s and 90s we were accidentally contributing to a historical archive of pointless home recording for the masses.

I only regret it took me a year to stumble upon this site, and that the “70s garage band” files are coming up 404. I’ll submit my own tapes as soon as I organize my closets. They’re in there, somewhere, waiting for their shameful moment in the spotlight.

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