summer summer summer summer/it’s like a merry-go-round

Perhaps it would be more appropriate for me to entitle this post with a reference to Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” (given that Isabel has mysteriously begun singing “mummy’s alright/and daddy’s alright/and baby’s alright/bla bla bla etc…” – where’d she get that? her new nanny? SFU childcare? hopefully no one’s introducing her to that lame Guitar Hero crapola) rather than The Cars as I have done, but given how things have been unfolding around here I think the Rik Ocasek lyric is most appropriate. And I blurt all this even though I should be disassociating myself from 20C Top 40 posthaste, given the maturation and crustification of my tastes (I mostly listen to music from various parts of Africa now. Western pop is becoming increasingly foreign and bewildering to me, and calm down, I’m not bragging or anything – it’s simply the way it’s playing out for me at the ripe old age of 37. Like I care anymore what anyone thinks).

Hello self-indulgent LJ-land. Anyhoo, the merry-go-round. Ah, well, it’s an exaggeration, really. I just have a bunch of conferences coming up. Cossette Convergence next week (part of Vancouver Digital Week), CCA at the end of the month, Open Web Vancouver and Communicating Cities in June. I’m also teaching a 2nd year course (CMNS 253) at SFU this summer, which promises to take up much time. So, retainer firmly in mouth (temporary speech impediment on), I’m talking lots this summer: about tech, about the history of broadcasting, the internet and new media, and about the pervasive (mobile) social web’s potential to afford broader social inclusion, emancipation, and revolutionary change in the nodes in which it is activated.

That, and I thought I’d post because I’m totally stoked about the first Android phones coming to Canada. I want one. I want everyone to have one. Open mobiles, baby!

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