Soft DAWs compared

For those about to rock: *cringes at self, then keeps on typing…maybe it’s the hot weather…?* Digital Music Doctor has a comparison guide for the seven most popular digital audio workstation (DAW) software programs. I’m happy to see my platform of choice for the past seven years (Cubase) come out strongly in front of the pack. Not surprisingly, it also boasts the highest list price out of all seven programs compared here.

Notable exclusions from the shootout are Nuendo, Logic, Garageband, Reason and Fruity Loops – presumably excluded on the basis of weaker popularity, or their greater focus on other features at the expense of their audio recording functions.

I guess it’s time I upgraded to SX 3, even though my Apple comrades (themselves obsessed with the high end of high ends) are pushing me towards Logic.

Sourced via Music Industry News Network.

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