Social Networking SMS: Mobile Signal

A company called Mobile Signal has launched a social networking service combining SMS and location based services. With simple text messages, mobile phone users can receive alerts when there are people in the same location who share their interests in sports, music, films, politics or even romance, reports mopocket.

View the company’s press release here.

Someone should reverse it (alert users when they’re surrounded by people who share none of their interests, or who have interests on a “red flag” list), and then mash it up with Clubvibes. That way I could know which places to avoid on a Friday or Saturday night club crawl.

4 thoughts on “Social Networking SMS: Mobile Signal”

  1. indeed. I see is gone, and now has an adultfriendfinder funnel page on it. long live isolatr!

    now i have to go find a comment threading plugin for wordpress…

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