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Bucket of Slugs - Pacifism (1987)OK – daughter’s asleep…continuing on with recordings of similar vintage (1987 and pre-), to ensure the oldest tapes I have are salvaged first.

More Bucket of Slugs, of course. Unlike yesterday’s monochromatically raucous Carnival EP, the follow up LP, entitled Pacifism, oscillates between whispered and barked songs. It appears that parents were at home while this was recorded, as there is evidence of periodic interruptions, attempts to make quiet music for various spells, and even, in the opening “Kill, Kill, Kill”, open violent threats against them. Some holdover from prior exercises, too – an ‘unplugged’ reworking of “Different Flavours of Birthday Cake” (featured in my last entry). There are also many in-jokes that I barely understand anymore, reiterations of themes worked over and over again until they were no longer funny. “Old McDonald’s Farm” seems to be a response to a parental request to “play something we all know”. “Don’t Box Me In” is an impotent Stan Ridgeway cover, and it appears that three of the four musicians either forget how it goes or have never heard it [maybe I’ll remix and post that one later for some ha ha]. Much of the second half is attempts at random note spatters just to fill up space, but in retrospect, that material is far more listenable than our attempts at songs with narratives and stuff.

I’ve featured two of the most interesting tracks here for your curious ears. First, “Slide It Up“, a “let’s switch instruments” foray that IMHO really works. Second, “That’s What You Get For Loving Me” – an irritatingly silly 60s pop venture.

Happily, this one imported from-cassdeck-to-arrange-window with no issues.

This LP includes eleven songs:

  1. Kill, Kill, Kill
  2. I’m So Jaded
  3. Our Bass Player…
  4. You Broke My Heart
  5. Don’t Box Me In (a cover of an original Stan Ridgeway/Stewart Copeland song)
  6. Slide It Up
  7. Different Flavours…
  8. Old McDonald’s Farm
  9. Italian Dad/Mexican Son
  10. Igor
  11. That’s What You Get For Loving Me

And yes, it appears that Simple Minds’ New Gold Dream (81 82 83 84) is still intact on Side B of this world-weary UX-90. And it still rocks.

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