Skype and EMI

Earlier this week, Skype and EMI announced a partnership to sell EMI’s catalogue of music on Skype’s new online store. Some commentators are speculating that this is intended to challenge Apple’s dominance. Of course, if SkypEMIBay really wants to compete, they’ll have to take on the iPod. What’s a media powerhouse to do?

Soyo, Netgear, and SMC all have partial answers. But while each of these Skype phones boasts a 16 bit sound card (and at least the Soyo is equipped with a headphone jack), there is no indication that any of them have storage capacity comparable to an iPod. And they’re nowhere near as sexy as the Nano.

Of course, the future of these converging (?) industries is unknown. There are simply too many models for mobile music distribution to make sound predictions at this point.

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