**Short Codes

Today MocoNews draws our attention to Zoove, a company that has an easy alternative to short codes for mobile marketing and WAP stuff: using the familiar “star+[number]” process used for standard analog telephone systems.

Their professed edge is in ease of use, citing an MRI study that found that “only 47 percent of mobile users know how to send a text message to a short code. And 85 percent of those find the process too difficult or time-consuming for practical use”.

Hopefully they can compete on the cost of entry, too? How about on campaign setup time? Currently it costs $1,000.00 per month to lease a vanity code in the U.S., and all fees are due and payable up to eight weeks before your application can be approved. Many small businesses (and by this I mean indie labels) are locked out of an innovative marketing and communication technology due to prohibitive costs and cumbersome processes for entry.

Worth watching. I always find it interesting when a technology thought to be passing out of vogue (like the *69, *67, etc. system) becomes useful again. Who’s for bringing back the fax machine?

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