SFU Office of Research Ethics user registration page – ironic?

whats wrong with this picture?
what's wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture? The first person to answer correctly gets a free chin-wag w/yours truly about data collection ethics (includes coffee and croissant) 😉

Well, we can talk about whatever you want, actually.

2 thoughts on “SFU Office of Research Ethics user registration page – ironic?”

  1. (1) “SFU Work Phone” is a required field for graduate students but few CMNS graduate students have a (SFU) Work Phone.

    …which isn’t as much of an ethics question as…

    (2) All of the information being collected by ORE is already retained by the university. They require nothing more than the SFU user-name to populate the rest of the fields.

    …which, while far from best practices, pales in comparison to…

    (3) The page is not encrypted with SSL so the information private and personally identifiable information is being transmitted across the internet in plain text.

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