Server Outage and Data Loss

Hi there. Unfortunately, due to server issues over the past week, Clicknoise suffered an outage for three full days (perfectly timed with my attendance at the 2007 Northern Voice blogging conference here in Vancouver). Boy do I look like a boob. Not only was my blog invisible every time I tried to share reciprocal links with a new blogorati contact, but now that it finally does go live again, all of my posts dating back to November 8 2006 are lost. So I appeared to be, alternatively, a liar about running a blog, or just a very lazy blogger.

Now I have to scrape google’s cache and repost a lot of material. Just when I didn’t need anything more to do. Plus, everything post February 20th is gone forever.

Fuckin’ hell.

3 thoughts on “Server Outage and Data Loss”

  1. OK. All posts except one (from last Friday) have been restored (Google’s cache didn’t catch my last post quickly enough before the crash early Saturday). If anyone saved or downloaded the text for my post on Friday February 23rd (entitled “Other Independents”) via an RSS program, email, or what-have-you, please send me the text that you’ve got. Otherwise I’ll have to rewrite the article using the various trackbacks I sent to other sites. Which is a pain.

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