self-syndication, the future of music, summer of DRM

OK, that was a good drum break. Back in business. So much to catch up on. Heck, even the Future of Music Coalition is blogging now, which is wonderful news. Stick that in yer link chipper. I’m going to dig into their Policy Day coverage, which I sorely had to miss last week due to my preoccupation with finishing things almost on time. Lots to see there, and given (1) the media panic about camcording and (2) new copyright laws being designed in Canada (both pretty much at the behest of foreign publishing organizations), we’re in for quite a summer of DRM love. Egad, so much to digest. $225 million my ass.

Also – for those of you reading this on “” who are Facebook users, feel free to add request me on there (I’m Jean Hébert, though the acute accent might mess up their search function), as I’m now syndicating this content into my Notes feed. Nothing revolutionary, but I just got around to it. For those of you reading this on Facebook who are familiar with me, but not clicknoise, here you go, I guess.

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