Ringtones and the Walled Garden: Verizon

A recent post on Gizmodo (commenting on a story in Wired Blogs) reports on how Verizon blocks the ability to transfer files into the audio folders of Verizon-purchased RAZR phones. The net effect is to restrict subscribers’ abilities to use whatever ringtones they want – whether they were lifted, modded, purchased, or homemade.

I’m glad I’m with a different provider. With a different provider, the right tools (I use Audio Hijack and Cubase) and a bit of web-accessible know-how, anyone can make their own ringtones and put them on their mobile. Cubase is kinda big shoes for this job, but for convenience I’m using something with which I’m already familiar. Plus, Cubase permits high precision editing, mixing, and many other capabilities for truly customized ringtones, if the user knows what they are doing.

There’s NO WAY anyone should have to pay for a ringtone they already own (for example, in full song length format), apart from the fee to edit the thing (if the user does not have the time or inclination to edit it themselves)

Currently, I’m using homemade cuts of themes from the Borat segments of Da Ali G Show. Quite good for haha. Hit me up if you want to swap tones over bluetooth (the ‘other’ inexpensive workaround for the walled garden of content and form).

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