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I’m working on drafts of a couple of longer pieces – one about compression in frequency, amplitude, timbre, and culture in contemporary Western media, and another tangentially related piece about the implications of thinking about video games as art. Drab mainstream opinions on these topics diverge from mine, and there is a sufficient number of issues involved to warrant longer pieces that should be submitted around to other places that put out word. But in this day and age online publication is real darn important, too – perhaps paradigm-shiftingly so.

So in the interests of covering all bases, here’s a proposed format change. As I’m returning to academia in two months, and undertaking a fairly rigorous self-imposed publication/conference itinerary for the next several years of my life, I will need to have this blog dovetail with those activities for efficiency’s sake. I’ll post detailed snippets of articles as they become available, and I’ll make corrections along the way. Everything posted will be open for comments. I will then post digested versions or abstracts of finished works once those works are submitted or accepted for publication. Kind of “anticipatory fair use”, to mix current U.S. foreign policy and U.S. IP law tropes.

Just trying to reconcile the wiki world with the world of print and peer review. Let’s see how it goes.

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  1. I have a vested interest in those publication plans of yours, but consider the example of others who have written complete books on the web and then gone on to commercially publish them as well. Many academic journals frown on “prior publication” but putting “drafts” on your web site *shouldn’t* be a problem…

    And, if you keep writing as well as you have up to now, you won’t need to worry about those dead tree journals. Look at the example of Castranova.


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