Podcasts to Mobile Phones

On the heels of Pod2Mob comes word that another service delivering podcasts to mobile phones has launched, called VoiceIndigo. According to their press release, the service uses SMS text messaging and a WAP application to do its work. Listeners download podcasts to their computer first, and then send them to their cell phone (no word on which carriers are covered at this time). The company also states that “an unlimited data plan is highly recommended”. While it’s free, remember to pay your wireless bill…

I notice that they also have something called Podsense on offer. Adsense-like services for mobile phones are nothing new, but tying contextual visual ads to podcasts poses significant challenges. Foregoing any nagging doubts I might have about carrier interoperability issues that might negatively affect ad delivery, what about the simple problem of users not looking at their phones while listening? How will they get me to look while I’m listening to an ambient music podcast with my eyes closed?

I really do hope podcasts come to Canadian phones soon, though. Maybe a contextual advertising solution could eventually help offset prohibitive carrier data charges, and help make that happen.

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