One Fine Day

5:00 AM – awaken and start reading Stiegler’s Technics and Time.

5:20 AM – 20 pages in the ’emergency laundry’ thing occurs (potty training the toddler who must have at least 3 pairs of clean ginch for daycare).

5:25 AM – other chores interrupt the ’emergency laundry’. whilst sorting poopy ginch, discover our 30 pound cat has created what we (try to) affectionately call a “Carlyle Log”. Plug nose, scoop, dump, flush, sweep, spray, scrub, breathe.

5:35 AM – while this is going on both cats begin to howl for food. wash water dishes, dump old food, put in new food, new water, all in random order.

5:45 AM – make bed, pack snacks while spouse is with washing machines in the basement.

6:00 AM – return to bed. 15 minute catnap (running on empty).

6:15 AM – awaken again. attempt more Stiegler. 2 pages in I realize I need to know more about Dasein. So on to Heidegger. 45 minutes of flummoxery here, back and forth, WTF is going on…

7:00 AM – laundry complete. fold/put away, prep toddler’s clothes/accoutrements for the day.

7:30 AM – spouse leaves for work. 15 more minutes of the Stiegler-Heidegger mental exercises, then

7:45 AM – toddler is up. trains out. then oh it’s pee pee time. to the can, make a ‘potty train’ (big potty-stool-small potty). toddler switches around for about 5 minutes then squirts about 1 fl oz in the small one.”you want a sticker. you want circles…” wash hands dry hands put on band aid, put about 40 pounds of TP in the toilet while I’m not looking. “judiciously flush this” for about 10 minutes. wash hands dry hands. sticker, circles. toddler is silent and motionless for 30 seconds…

8:15 AM – yep, that was half an hour there. breakfast, which consists of asking for things and then refusing each in sequence: eggs, cheerios+soy milk, toast/margarine, grapes, oranges, rice crackers (not given).

8:40 AM – this is interrupted by a “you want to pee pee”. back to the can. wait three minutes during the potty train scaling, then give up. underpants back on. hands washed, dried.

8:50 AM – toddler attends to her trains and track segments. packing of supplies. daddy changes out of pyjamas, etc.

9:00 AM – already way behind schedule, dress up the toddler. brush hair, hair elastics, wipe face, boots, coat. then daddy’s shoes, hoodie, umbrella, bag. shut curtains, expel cats from bedrooms. shut doors, set alarm, march up the hallway.

9:20 AM – out in front of apartment in the pissing rain. toddler dawdling. we get a half block en route to the co-op car. fuck i forgot the fucking car seat. ok let’s go back home and get the car seat. annoyed toddler trudges back in wid me, past the mailwoman, past the electricians invading the strata bldg.

9:30 AM – long story short, back out in front as before plus car seat hoisted over shoulder. a shitload to carry, but toddler insists on alternating btw a dead stop (to provide commentary on every car we stroll past) and what i’m starting to recognize as the ‘drunken dawdle’

9:45 AM – after much impatience from me and stubborn immobility from the toddler, we finally make it to the coop car (parked only two blocks away from our bldg). it took this to get her to finally move: “I’m James, you’re Thomas, and we’re racing. Let’s race to the car!” To be sure, I’ll need to invent something else in a week’s time.

10:00 AM – car de-fobbed, keys out of lockbox, car seat installed, toddler installed in that, anti-theft bar off, bags on floor, walkaround complete, mirrors adjusted, mileage entered in book, defroster on. It’s still cats and dogs. I’m soaked head to toe, but relieved to be moving 2 hours and 15 minutes later than intended.

10:05 AM – pull into the drive-thru coffee shop (an indulgence reserved only for such rushed, rain-soaked days), this goes unexpectedly quickly.

10:10 AM – upon exiting the drive thru, toddler cries “you want to make a pee pee”. stop at home? or wait until daycareмаси, I ask. “stop at home”. bien sur.

10:15 AM – back home, in the door, coat/shoes/pants off, on potty. again, 1 fl oz of stuff. wipe, cram TP in the can, ash, dry, sticker, circles. then coat/shoes/pants back on, back to the car.

10:25 AM – back on the road.

10:50 AM – drop daughter at daycare. after organizing all her stuff, stuffing it into cubbies, etc, we kiss see ya later.

11:10 AM – leave the childcare centre. drop kip at the gym locker.

11:15 AM – grab early lunch to beat the awful noon lineups. read more Stiegler, pendant.

1:15 PM – to the gym. 1000 calories shedded (I only get in 3x per week, so I must go hardcore like this). plus shower.

2:25 PM – answer work emails + student inquiries. great that students are bloggin and taking an interest. not so great that a tentative contract will not be moving forward after all.

3:00 PM – back to the Stiegler. at 4:35 I break to write a self-indulgent post about my day. I’ve only got until 5:15 PM until the daycare closes, after all…

5:03 PM – finish this post and hurry off to the daycare!… total intermittent study time: 4h55min

2 thoughts on “One Fine Day”

    1. that was a pretty typical day, too. I’m not boasting, just explaining.

      today it’s fighting flu symptoms and neighbors who all do laundry on sundays. and Katherine Hayles.

      on that note – interesting connection btw what Hayles thinks about the body-as-first-prosthesis and children’s fascination with anthropomorphized vehicles (Thomas the Tank Engine, Pixar’s Cars, etc.). It’s as though a child is working through these cyborg characters’ functionalities in order to better master their own body’s functions (not to mention they might emotionally identify with talking trains as they’ve only recently become talking trains themselves, of a sort.

      No accident (no pun intended there) that the Thomas show is usually on when we’re training on the portable potty…

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