Oh The Flowers

Swinging the pendulum from the ridiculous to the merely trite, the archiving project rears its desperate head this week with a glimpse at Verona, the predecessor band to Decora/A Spectre Is Haunting Europe. This recording comes from my days recording demos in the basement of The Abbey, the shared house up by the PNE. Actually quite post- Verona’s live gigging days (1996-1998), this song, “Oh The Flowers” (trite due to obvious Britpop lifts), was recorded on 4 track cassette (I believe a Tascam Porta 03) in 1999, and I seem to remember playing everything myself. The cassette it’s on is one among many in the box that are labelled generically -this one being Verona – 4 Track Stuff. A few more tracks might surface from this one later, too. But as this is a collection of songs not recorded as a unified LP/CD/etc., I’ll set aside any complete track listing for now. It’s in the jpeg.

This audio snapshot was taken right around the time I entered law school. Had I spent more time studying and less time recording stuff like this in the basement you would not be reading this at present – in its place, perhaps, could have been a cranky treatise about the rigors of conveyancing. Imagine that.

Oh what the hell. Here’s another track from the tape, “Hey Hey“, another Verona track that didn’t make it to cable access. This one was recorded in late 1998. Quinn (currently a co-conspirator in ASIHE) sang vox, and I played the drunken master guitar ‘solo’.

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