New Book Chapter: Musique Concretization

I’ve got a new book chapter out (entitled “Musique Concretization: Music, Technology, and Critical Constructivism”) in Social Information Technology: connecting society and cultural issues, which covers the theoretical terrain that underlies a lot of the presentations and shorter pieces (e.g., here, here and here) I’ve been doing with critical constructivism and music technology over the past two years. This article was first drafted in November 2006, then underwent a major revision in January 2007, and I just received my copy of the printed book this week. It’s so not my style to wait so long. Hence the blog. Hence the twittering.

Speaking of speeding things up, I really have to get on with my comprehensives, but with daughter and work, it’s a real struggle to find the time. Did I mention crooked mechanics, an ant infestation and a cat that shits on the floor? Looks like it’ll have to wait until the end of insect season, that being around October-November in these parts.

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