More Audio Hoaxes

So soon after my groaning yesterday about hoaxes, Beware of the Blog inadvertently shows me up by posting Part Three of its audio hoaxes series (this time about a phony sXe band called Jud Jud). Click around – they’ve got everything from an isolated Linda McCartney vocal track from a Wings show (in which she’s heard wailing atrociously), recordings of Elvis’ voice after his death, and my favourite – fake 80s German techno bands, concocted by real Germans.

I suppose if the hoax is funny it’s OK in my books. But before this inspires anyone to go out and commit wide scale prankery using all the tools of modern science, ensure you know the FCC policy on hoaxes, and maybe keep in mind what happened with War of the Worlds

2 thoughts on “More Audio Hoaxes”

  1. That depends on the fakester. I don’t really care for the bland celebrity impersonators, except the ones that deliberately tweak the original (the aboninable Extreme Elvis, for example, but he’s more than just a fakester…).

    As for other identity hoaxes, I prefer the ones that raise it to the level of social critique (such as the hoaxes I’ve been involved with, as well as the whole Ali G enterprise) or that turn it into something artistic – such as the linked friendster profiles for the entire Boston Red Sox team, or the Frankfurt School friendster profiles, who would argue back and forth about what social networking was all about.

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