Mobile Education Dreams

Via Golden Swamp, via Mobscure comes this:

Touching, in a Hollywood sorta way. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not cynical about this stuff at all. I embrace social enterprise and believe in it. There are, however, more innovative and useful modalities by which education can be delivered via mobiles than via voice (though voice is highlighted here). These other modes should be obvious to anyone with a smartphone (or iPhone), but maybe not so obvious to those of us who use merely voice and text (which is most of us). The ability to convey programmatic information via SMS is the DNA that propels social change using mobiles.

The video also paints an unrealistic picture of the Third World by depicting abundant use of voice services (whereas SMS is the preferred medium there), presumably to appeal to the voice-drenched culture of North American investor-philanthropists? Also presumably because SMSs aren’t photogenic.

Still, a very hopeful message. Much appreciated these days.

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