CBC News reports on Mobifest, billed as Canada’s first mobile film festival, and sponsored by Palm.

Looking over the Guidelines for submission, however, their concept of what consitutes a “mobile film” seems pretty broad:

Movies can be produced using any method, except for the “Caught on Treo” award category. See below for more information.

Entries must be no longer than 60 seconds, not including credits. Shorter entries are encouraged, as they are playable on a wide range on video-capable phones.

[The “Caught on Treo” category covers films shot on mobile phones and Treos.]

Anyway, regardless of the fuzziness around what constitutes a ‘mobile film’ (a problematic category imposed on an emerging medium), go check out their finalists this weekend, as I will be doing. If I see anything as interesting as Chris Oakley’s short The Catalogue, I’ll post about it.

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