Mixed outlook for mobile music: Survey

A new survey of 3,000 mobile phone users by Entertainment Media Research has found that only 11 per cent of consumers report paying for music downloads on their mobile phones, about half the number of those who expressed interest in paying for downloads one year ago, as was found in a similar survey taken in 2005 (via Financial Times).

On the other hand, the new survey also reports that “twice as many respondents favoured mobile handsets incorporating an MP3 player than said they would prefer music players with mobile phone features”. This might mean that if consumers are given a choice, they will choose a music capable mobile phone over a seperate music player such as an iPod, the FT article asserts.

I take it that the verdict is still out on the underlying question, which would be “are people going to buy music to put on their phones?”. It would be interesting to see what survey responses would be like to questions about user generated content, open source platforms, and similar issues as they relate to mobile phone use.

Then again, since mobile music is still in an early adoption phase in North America and Europe, it is possible such questions might make little sense to many mobile phone users. I wonder if this uncertainty is an opportunity in disguise, though?

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