Massive Technology Show (Vancouver, April 1) as it happens

6S/Capulet/Peer1 panelists
6S/Capulet/Peer1 panelists

torn btw liveblogging and tweeting. what is the appopriate or trendy thing to do for conferences/panels now?

listening to Peer1/6S/Capulet panel right now.(11:08 AM)

Richard Smith: throwing “business sheep”. heh.

why does the assumption that TV and radio are not interactive media prevail? let’s not forget our media history, or we’ll repeat its mistakes. (11:12 AM)

Julie Szabo: don’t let marketers blog. let the project managers do that (11:25 AM)

Julie again: bloggers aren’t media journalists. Don’t shout your message at them. Interact with them, get to know them (11:29 AM).

Jen of 6S: twittering while waiting on hold with Rogers (instead of making an angry post-facto blog post) was effective in getting her call answered (11:32 AM).

Jen again: traditional PR materials are inappropriate for the blogosphere – can’t just re-post them there. (11:40 AM)

My revised view on “what’s appropriate” for liveblogging events – limit tweets (if feeding into yr Facebook), stick with a blog, or use some filter on your tweets to keep them out of networks (like FB) that might have a low threshold for tolerating yr constant updates. Will, friendfeed or microplaza solve this problem? (11:45 AM)

update: April 3 – no frickin power plugs in here. WTF? here’s why only one panel gets coverage.

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