iPod versus DJ: wedding crashers

There’s a story over at Marketwatch about how marrying couples are increasingly opting for iPods instead of DJs to provide music at their wedding receptions. The benefits would seem to include cost savings, and the ability to thoroughly plan and customize the reception playlist ahead of time. It also appears to help facilitate weddings in unusual locations, where hiring a DJ might be impractical.

I guess it depends on whether you like having a human DJ at what is essentially a dance party. With a human DJ, guests can make spontaneous requests, and the DJ can play off the energy of a crowd. While wedding receptions are not all the same, in my experience they are typically anything but subdued affairs (although my experience regrettably excludes Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist weddings). I’ve witnessed the most straight-laced, button-down people shake it like a polaroid picture at weddings, and I’ve watched DJs get screamed at for not playing AC/DC’s “Back in Black”, as well as many other unmentionable doings…

I’d caution against using an iPod at your wedding. Don’t tempt fate by channelling the enthusiasm of your drunken friends and relatives into fighting over an mp3 player (to skip ahead to that Depeche Mode song one of them absolutely must hear to really have a good time). Don’t risk your stereo-mini-to-RCA cable. Let ’em fight it out with the DJ, who’s trained to handle these situations.

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