Interesting Textures

I bring this in from my LJ – which is sadly even more out-of-use than this blog.

Dupobs got sampled for a PSA for a local noise show that apparently never plays our music. Cool! Listen to it here. It’s clearly “Introducing Le Barf Ball“, from our Shindig show last Autumn.

The new A Spectre Is Haunting Europe LP Embers is almost almost done. Just 4 more songs need vocals added to them, and then it’s mixdown time. I so want to share, but have vowed to myself not until it’s finished. I can’t believe it’s been almost two years in the making.

On that note, we’re still fixated on the donation model of record releasing, even in this post-In Rainbows era. So if you want vinyl, you’ll have to donate to the label’s paypal account using the button below. Otherwise, it will be available for free download anyway. That’s inescapable. But no CD, barring a massive petition from the people.

I will say this: baby Isabel will be featured somewhere on it. It’s amazing what a 7.5 month old girl can do with her pipes. Wow.

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