Helio launched

Finally, Helio has launched. The MVNO venture, a partnership between SK Telecom and Earthlink, targets affluent young adults in the United States with its swish brand image. At the core of this effort to convert internet-gluttonous North American youth into mobile content addicts is the much-touted hookup with myspace, about which there are now more details. According to Helio’s site, myspace users who can cough up the $85 per month can do the following:

MySpace on Helio lets you post photo bulletins directly from your Helio device, compose MySpace Mail, view your friends’ pages, post comments and add new friends when you’re out on the town.

There’s also a somewhat klunky looking download (for your PC) called Media Mover (for transferring content from your computer to your phone), and something called “gifting and begging”, that vaguely promises some new model for filesharing.

But here’s the clincher that made me say “achl” out loud – the top end phone on offer has only 70 MB of memory. Dang it.

While unlimited data transfer at a single price is REALLY tempting, I’m going to decline this time around, mostly over the storage issue. Like with the Moto ROKR campaign last fall, I love the pretty pictures, but I smell a flop.

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