Grant McCracken on culture, technology and anthropology

>????????in Grant McCracken’s talk at the Arts Club. Here are my notes, rough as they may be, in situ, live…

Dealing with massive technological and media change? Don’t panic – it is wrong to think that everything we’ve already learned is wrong. What’s important from a marketing POV is not what the changes are but what changes will come about as a result.

Section 1: evidence that things are changing. students at Ball University get an email when their laundry is done. in 2007 students were online 19 hours per week (Youth Trends). Pew – Steve Jones – kids are always online. Dana Boyd reffed. speciation of SNSs. same old stuff – [crit: this is not representative research]. effects? dynamism. if students see Friendster rise at age of 15 and then ‘disappear’ five years later offered as evidence. but Friendster has speciated, too – how do you resolve this contradiction? who is the consumer? I asked this question…response – the radar is not so simple anymore – it’s a challenge to keep track of where people are going.

some pithy reference to McLuhan.

more questions, about right brain stuff and machines.

responses. the cell phone is now a control twoer, not a mere convenience. it’s the portal. people younger than 25 see the cel as an extension of themselves. buddy beacons (jaiku, dopplr). cel phone pointing – as happens in Japan. game by Area Code. monsters chase him on the streets of manhattan. but what are the implications or limitations of this?

we’re all Korean now. phatic communication. ‘exhaust data’=twitter data. using twitter to post “i just fed my cat”. primates are constantly giving each other these murmurs. twitter and microblogging are phatic like this.

125 people is where we max out in non technically mediated scenes. but with SNSs this grows exponentially.

richer and richer content. tiers. 1. here’s what i’m doing! 2. here’s what i found!. 3. here’s what i think/judging content. 4. creating content.

marketing wants to/should be in the middle – the place of cocreation with consumers. marketers should engage them as “multipliers”, or fail to engage them altogether.

youtube has outstripped 50+ years of tv broadcasting in its first 6 months, in terms of quantity of original content uploaded. AYBABTU.

newly collaborative environments.

fascination with celebrities: evidence that self construction is going on – more than just murmuring or pinging the hive. George Clooney – movie stars used to be imitated; now they are appropriated. [Crit: this is contentious, a matter of perspective – how extensive is this. what about the part of the audience that does not create or co-create, or even judge media?].

sum up – see pic. 1.14 summing up.

section 3 – new models for the brand

had to go before it was over; it was a late-starting talk. off to the International Partnering Forum for 10:45…

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